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The Undertaker, Hawthorn

12 Feb

Highlight – Quality food, great on the taste buds

Lowlight – A tad pricey

Hellenic posh burger

Hellenic posh burger - lightly spiced minced lamb leg, oregano grilled vegetables, eggplant & cumin relish, Tahini yoghurt dressing

Braised beef pie

Braised beef pie with binji mash


Of the two meals that I tried here they were both of a high quality. Seriously loved the burger, mainly due to its stray from the usual commercial – onion, lettuce, tomato – ingredients. I was surprised to find raisins throughout the burger but this added to the unique flavour combination which I happily consumed.

If you’re paying $25 for a pie you expect it to be pretty awesome and it sure was. Melt-in-your-mouth actual beef pieces with buttery homemade pastry.


At first glance The Undetaker looked like it was closed and we were about to walk away but decided to test the door handle just incase. Lucky for us it opened and we went inside to have a look. The place was completely empty however we managed to find a waitress hiding in the back. Considering it was Saturday lunch time we expected the venue to be somewhat busy but the waitress informed us the dinner crowd much busier. We sat outside on one of the long benches to enjoy the rare Melbourne sunshine.

Relaxed and peaceful atmosphere for lunch if you want to get away from the usual lively Glenferrie cafes.


Our waitress was informative and always available when we needed her. Although this may have contributed to the fact that we were the only customers in the restaurant.


Quite pricey for a lunch meal ($25 – $35) in comparison to the rest of the cafes down the Glenferrie Road strip however well worth a try.


Best to book for dinner and necessary for the Wednesday night $20 300 gram Angus beef special.


out of 10!

The Undertaker
384 Burwood Road, Hawthorn VIC 3122
03 9818 3944 

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