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Red Rhumba, Malvern East

23 Aug

Highlight – Relaxed dining atmosphere

Lowlight – Portion sizes are small

Breakfast bruschetta - toasted ciabatta with avocado, tomatoes and goats cheese

Breakfast bruschetta - toasted ciabatta with avocado, tomatoes and goats cheese


I had not heard of Red Rhumba until stumbling across it in last year’s Entertainment Book, however it looks like they’ve taken themselves out of the book this year. They provide light breakfast meals that don’t particularly stand out from the crowd. There is nothing too fancy about this cafe but it seems to be popular amongst locals who are after a quiet breakfast whilst reading the morning paper.

I guess I’m used to cafes serving significantly larger sized meals for breakfast so Red Rhumba’s breakfast menu is a tad on the small side for me. I can’t say I would be rushing to return here anytime soon but would drop by if I was in the area.


Service is average. They are happy to leave you alone whilst you read the paper and will check up on you when you’re ready to order.


The venue is an open space with a casual dining area and didn’t seem to get too crowded when I was there. Being close to the corner of Burke and Waverley Roads they would be sure to attract some passersby.


Prices are reasonable and you can get light breakfast meals for under $10 and then some more substantial meals for a few more dollars.


You probably don’t need to book as it doesn’t get overly busy here and there are quite a few tables available.


out of 10!

Red Rhumba
98 Waverley Road, Malvern East VIC 3145
03 9572 0600

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