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Shyun, Carnegie

5 Sep

Highlight – Authentic Japanese cuisine

Lowlight – Overcrowded compact venue

Soft-shell crab roll

Soft-shell crab roll

Agedashi tofu

Agedashi tofu

Bento box

Combination bento box


My aunty has been raving about Shyun for a while now and I finally decided to make a trip there after work. (She did mention that I wasn’t allowed to write a post on Shyun in order to keep it a secret but I think it’s too late, the word is definitely out as evident in the popularity observed on my recent visit.)

We all agreed that the entree/share dishes were the highlight of the night. Our favourites included the soft-shell crab rolls with seafood-type sauce and the deep-fried tofu served in Japanese dashi stock.

Mains were pretty average, I think it was because we didn’t make the right choices. I had the prawn and vegetable tempura with rice, it was tasty but needed something else in the dish as it was purely tempura after tempura with no condiments to relieve yourself from the oily batter. The boys ordered the combination bento boxes which were surprisingly large but the accompaniments of sukiyaki beef and fried chicken were quite ordinary.

After looking further at the online menu I am keen to return here as there are so many more dishes I want to try such as the Nasu Dengaku (eggplant with mincemeat and miso sauce) and the Katsu Curry (crispy chicken with Japanese curry sauce). I would again start with some fresh sashimi and california rolls.


The majority of staff are Japanese and do the best they can given the busyness of the restaurant. We were unable to wave staff down to clear our table and ended up having to clean up ourselves.


Inside there is a maximum seating capacity of 30 people. The venue is small and lacks ambience, instead focusing on delivering authentic Japanese dishes.


Great value for quality ingredients used to create traditional meals from Japan.


Shyun does not accept bookings but service is quick so the turnover of tables is efficient. Either arrive early or be willing to patiently wait for a table to free up. During warmer weather you can utilise the outdoor seating, otherwise takeaway is popular too. Note, this is a cash only restaurant.


out of 10!

126 Koornang Road, Carnegie VIC 3163
03 9569 6530 

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