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Bambaleros, Canterbury

22 Feb

Highlight – Great tasting food

Lowlight – Waiting time for food was very long

Chicken enchilada

Chicken enchilada


I was starving by the time the food arrived and managed to finish my meal in under 10 minutes. It was delicious and I probably could have eaten two of these. The berry smoothie was a treat with a significant quantity of berries to get stuck between my teeth. Next time I plan to try the slightly bigger enchilada looking meal which I saw a few people order. Not quite sure what it is called but it looked amazing.


Small and busy cafe for locals. Chatty atmosphere both inside and outside the venue.


The staff here were polite and friendly however the food took an unusually long time to arrive. They did inform us of a 20-25 minute wait which we said was fine but this turned into 45-50 minutes. We were starving! (Hence the reason for finishing the meal in under 10 minutes.)


Reasonably priced similarly to the other Maling Road eateries.


Probably not absolutely necessary to book as there so many other cafes to choose from along Maling Road. However if you are going in a group larger than four then it’s better to call up and reserve a table as the restaurant is quite small inside. Table are available outside too so this will depend on Melbourne’s weather!


out of 10!

84 Maling Road, Canterbury VIC 3126
03 9836 5385 

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