Wong’s Lucky Bar, Box Hill

28 Aug

Highlight – Value-for-money crab

Lowlight – Super squishy between tables

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Crab with egg noodles

Crab with egg noodles


Wong’s Lucky Bar is popular for its Hainanese chicken rice and crab with egg noodles. We were lucky to try both in the one sitting together with a plate of crispy fried chicken and a mountain of vegetables. The boneless chicken was moist and succulent served with the standard chicken rice sauces that were a tad on the oily side but still quite tasty. I also recommend the deep-fried flounder, the salty batter was crunchy and seasoned well with spring onions and shallots.

More importantly onto the crab, at $13.80 per pound we were in for a bargain! We ordered two crabs with three serves of noodles. Overall the dish was flavoursome but lacked enough sauce to cover the noodles which is evident in the photo above. Simplicity was key in the dish with the use of ginger and spring onions to create the sauce.

Don’t come here if you’re after a relaxing night out, this is more of an eat-and-go restaurant where you’ll surely leave with a full belly. I did not see any alcoholic beverages, only hot Chinese tea and soft drinks.


Staff are super busy running back and forth taking orders, serving dishes and clearing tables. They are efficient and get the job done however don’t seem to have a spare moment when you want to ask a question about the menu. When our waitress asked us how many serves of noodles we wanted with the crab we were unsure and asked her opinion. She could not offer any suggestions so we took a guess and ordered three. As such we ended up ordering way too much on top of our other dishes.


Situated in the middle section of Whitehorse Road at the Box Hill tram stop, Wong’s Lucky Bar is a standalone restaurant. I never really noticed it before until someone mentioned it to me. As the restaurant space is quite limited there is not really any space to wait inside and the people who choose to are pretty much watching other people eat.

There is also a cafe adjoined to the restaurant with outdoor seating surrounded by thick plastic sheets to block the wind. This is an option if the restaurant is at capacity but probably not your first preference especially during Winter.


Awesome value for money, at $13.80 a pound for mud crab you can’t really complain. Other dishes are about $8 each so very reasonable.


I’ve actually been to Wong’s Lucky Bar twice in the last month! Call ahead if you can. Even a few hours before if possible so staff can reserve you a table. Although you still have to wait several minutes for a table to free up you will get first dibs on it as opposed to walking in off the street.


out of 10!

Wong’s Lucky Bar
921 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill VIC 3128
03 9899 8558 

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