Hotel Nest, Albert Park

27 Jul

Highlight – Cute crockery suited for a high tea outing

Lowlight – Standard of food is low

High tea tower

High tea tower


I wasn’t impressed by the High Tea at Hotel Nest at all. We started the afternoon off with four half sandwiches each with measly fillings of 1) cucumber slices, 2) ham and cranberry, 3) egg, and 4) chicken.

After consuming four slices of bread I was already half full (good trick). We were then presented with a three-tier high tea stand which included pastel colours of both savoury and sweet items mixed together. The top-tier was the most appealing with the infamous Tiffany coloured box and a cute little chocolate handbag. Looks can be deceiving. The taste was awkward and no one really wanted to eat more and was happy to share their allocation. I wouldn’t say there was a favourite item, just all round average treats.

By the time our scones with cream and jam arrived we were all pretty full. They were not very memorable. Oh yes and we also finished off the afternoon with random cups of jelly that no one finished either.


Even though presented with a long list of teas to choose from our waiters seemed to struggle with this. We had to constantly keep reminding them to bring our pots of tea or ask them to refill the hot water. Not really sure how hard this could be considering it was just boiling water and tea leaves from T2.


There were many groups of ladies either there for a girl’s day out or a celebration. I caught a glimpse of a Hen’s high tea party in a private room. Lots of chitter chatter and gossip going on at each table.


$40 per person for High Tea.


Yes, bookings are necessary if you wish to dine here. High Tea is available on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays only.


out of 10!

Hotel Nest
111 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park VIC 3206
03 9699 9744 

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2 Responses to “Hotel Nest, Albert Park”

  1. B August 9, 2011 at 12:47 pm #

    This Post seems inadequate or “old” but posted recently? considering i attended Nest for high tea this weekend. and the stand did not look anything like this one??

    when did you attend? i’d love to see the changes in quality/service etc depending on the time difference

    🙂 B

    • FOOD CHEE August 9, 2011 at 2:05 pm #

      Hi B, we went in April this year (so yes it has taken me a bit of time to make the post!).

      How is it like now? Were there many improvements?

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