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Hellenic Republic, Brunswick

10 Feb

Highlight – Great combination of flavours in all dishes!

Lowlight – Dessert was a let down

Tyri saganaki

Tyri saganaki - Kefalograviera with peppered figs

Cypriot grain salad

Cypriot grain salad - freekah, coriander, almonds, lentils and yoghurt

Arni sto fourno - slow roasted lamb, garlic, oregano

Arni sto fourno - slow roasted lamb, garlic, oregano


We ordered the banquet for the Trapezi sharing menu for $58 per person. Great choice for first time visitors as you get the best of the menu. I would recommend going with people who are large-eaters as there was an abundance of food to finish. By the time we finally got through the ‘small’ tasting plates, we were so full for the main dishes that the majority of it went to waste. I guess we shouldn’t have eaten so much of the Taramosalata (white cod roe dip) but it was seriously addictive! Only downside would be the dessert, Greek donuts drizzled in Attiki honey and walnuts. Mainly because we were expecting a platter of Greek desserts to share – possibly including baklava or the like?


I enjoyed the busyness and lively feel of the restaurant. Every table appeared to be enjoying themselves over endless banter. I especially loved the foreign music blasting from the ceiling although this might not appeal to everyone.


Our waitress was very informative and more than happy to go into detail about our various queries regarding the menu. There were different waiters delivering out dishes but all explained each dish well.


Somewhat pricey for the banquet but worth it for a first-timer. I wish the banquet had an option to tack on a dessert tasting plate for an extra few dollars.


Bookings are welcome so to ensure you get seated call before you go!


out of 10!

Hellenic Republic
434 Lygon Street, Brunswick East VIC 3057
03 9381 1222 

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